Monthly Archives: October 2015

Guest lecture on “Developing sound projects with Arduino”

Place: iLab2

Date and time: Oct. 13, 2015, from 14:50 (4th period).


In this talk we will discuss opportunities, challenges, benefits, and tricks about building sound projects in Teensy Arduino micro-controllers. Specifically, we will demonstrate how to assemble hardware, use Arduino software, choose casings, etc. We will also show a functional prototype based on these ideas. Note that although there are several sources on Internet where to learn how to program Arduino, few of them explain how to select, and assemble the hardware for such projects. If you have interest on sound projects, or Arduino programming in general, please join us.


Rob Oudendijk of YR-Design is a Dutch engineer/dancer with a vast experience on building software and hardware solutions for the Netherland Embassy in Japan, Luxemburg Embassy in Japan, and several companies in the US, Europe, and Japan. He is currently involved in the development of the next-generation Geiger counters at Safecast.

Handouts of the presentation